What is Sandstone?
Sandstone is a very common sedimentary rock and perhaps the best known sedimentary rock. It is formed in many environments. The toughness of the Sandstone India depends mostly on the nature of this material. Sandstone is harder than granite. Sandstones can be chiselled and dressed to a smooth surface is various attractive shapes.

Dhrangadhra Sandstone
Dhrangadhra sandstone well known for its exceptional durability and strength for use in temples, villas, palaces, hotels, historical buildings renovation, restoration, architectural and landscape projects. The sandstone is being quarried and used from centuries and a number of historical buildings and monuments are made up of sandstone.

Qualities of Sandstone
This sandstone has regular bedding, uniform grain size, suitable nature, durability. It has been extensively used not only in Dhrangadhra, but across India and even exported to out of India. Due to attractive figures sandstone after cutting and polishing looks very attractive. Sandstone can be used in place of granite and marble.

Uses of Sandstone
Sandstone has been used for domestic construction and house wares since prehistoric times, and continues to be used. This Sandstone is especially used for exterior, flooring, paving, panelling, cladding, beams, pillars, arches, sills, window sills, wall facings, fence posts etc.

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